Friday, March 31, 2006

Freaky Friday

It's been a beautiful Spring day here - temps almost 70, sunny. Had lunch on the deck and will have drinks out there in a bit. Some might say say that as the sun goes down it's a bit chilly to do that in March, but IT'S SPRING DAMMIT!

The first balloon of the spring almost touched down in the backyard this morning. FB heard the familiar "whoosh!" sound of the gas burner and we looked out the window and there was this ENORMOUS red and yellow and blue balloon coming down right over our heads. I couldn't find the damn digital camera in time to get a decent photo. It came down in the famer's field on the other edge of our woods. God knows how they got the trailer in to get it out of there... he'd just plowed.

Speaking of Spring, I have one more thing for Mike to watch out for when he gets the old riding mower started up. Which reminds me- does the mower have a name? All riding mowers should have names. The Lines are open for nominations.


Mike said...

CC--Please don't let the tree huggers get to me, but I have been battling those furry little bastards since day one. They are winning by the way. I have tried everything I know and since 9/11, I can't get my hands on any more dynamite.

For the record, my mower does not have a name, but I would be willing to abide by any name the internet as a hole (or is that whole) sees fit to give it.

CKW said...

LMAO I love that picture!!!

I keep thinking, what if you're having sex in the AM when the balloon touches down in your backyard and you've got an audience suddenly? What then? Start charging?