Saturday, March 04, 2006

Are You Ready for some POETRY!?!?!?!!?

Once again I steal from others...

Mike was posting about poetry a few days ago, so I dug this one out. Let's do some group poetry. Fill in verses as you please...

I want to go to Paris
And swim nude in the Seine.
I haven't got the dollars,
But I’ve sure got the yen.

There's nothing in my office
by paperwork and Death,
and the Blogosphere resembles
something written for "Macbeth"...


Mike said...

I've spent the whole night thinking
about lovely Laura's bush.
Now I think I'm going
concentrate on her tush.

You asked for it.

Colonel Colonel said...

The Blogosphere is twisted,
but I just found the key!
And I'd tell you all the secret...
but I have to go and pee.

Phoebe Fay said...

The blogosphere is fine
for pictures, notes and news,
but as for its poetry
it's best fortified with booze

The reason for this rule,
and upon this I've often thunk,
is that nothing rhymes with sober,
but plenty rhymes with drunk.