Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A Diamond is Forever

Alyssa sent this to Beekslayers last night and I opened it this morning before my second cup of coffee.

Big, big mistake...

Love. Life’s single greatest risk. Life’s single
greatest reward. Intangible and unexplainable, yet
ever so real and powerful. Love captures your heart
in a second and holds it for eternity.

What is a LifeGem®?

The LifeGem® is a certified, high-quality diamond
created from the carbon of your loved one as a
memorial to their unique life.

First they made Ted Williams into a popsicle, and now this... ain't technology grand?


Mike said...

This is very closely related to the industry I work in, only we don't make diamonds from dead people. Sometimes when creating Gems, things can go horribly horribly wrong. Maybe about half the time. I wonder how this guy explains to his customers that their loved ones ashes just went up in an explosive cloud of smoke?

Colonel Colonel said...

"I'm sorry Mrs. Jones, I know you thought your husband was a diamond in the rough, but it turns out he was just a lump of coal".

"That's ok, I always sorta suspected that..."

CKW said...

um - Ewwww?

Phoebe Fay said...

What really bites is when you get desperate and decide to hock Grandpa's remains, you find out it's a cubic zirconia.