Thursday, March 16, 2006

Bits n' Pieces

I'm going to be on the fucking road all day doing house and store calls, but a few things strike me from this morning's headlines I just had to share.

They're digging up that cow that died of Mad Cow Disease in Alabama. The Human Stain points out that the Administration and cattle/meat industry are in cahoots already, and since the brain-wasting disease caused by Mad Cow takes 10-15 years to develop, could it be that the government and industry are conspiring to keep a very serious problem under wraps? There have now been 4 documented cases in America... of course, to believe that you'd have to believe that this Administration would put the public at risk and lie to achieve its own ends/benefits. That just sounds way too wacky for me... But ten to fifteen years to incubate a brain-wasting disease... George has been eating burgers at least that long, right?

In somewhat better food-related news, capsaicin, the hot stuff in chili peppers, may cause prostrate cancer-cells to commit suicide. Pass the salsa!

Georgie is sounding off about Iran. I am getting so tired of telling certain friends and relatives "I told you so". sigh.

More on Mad Cow- there's a new story in that just as more cases are surfacing, the government is gonna cut back testing. They're going to rely on "private-=sector incentives" to monitor for the disease. That's smart. The Bush Administration is going to rely on the cattle industry to tell them when they discover the diease that could close down the cattle industry.

Chicken burgers, anyone?


Mike said...

I think that if the President had Mad Cow Disease it might actually be an improvement. Of course in order to have a brain wasting disease, one would need to have a brain...right? No wonder George isn't overly worried about the disease.

jgodsey said...

shushhhhh we don't want to upset the cattle industry. quick bury the cow and walk away............

Colonel Colonel said...

mike- good point. I guess George is immune. He's just a carrier.

Gods- Exactly right. No rocking the boat. The Cattle Industry paid good money for this President.