Tuesday, March 28, 2006


[as we all know, I have no qualms about lifting material from others and posting it here, for folks who might not have seen it. "Theft" is such an ugly word- I call it recycling. This was posted to Beekslayers by Beekslayer Karen yesterday.

The authors of a book called "Suggestions" put up boxes marked "Suggestions" at random places in New York City, this this is some of what they got-

"I suggest they put more fish in it"

"Why do guys bother calling at 11:45 pm and say they just want to hang out when what they want is to fuck. Just say "Can I come over and fuck"."

"Put a flower in your hair"

"My friend Jonathan should kiss me"

"There should be paper pennies"

"Rounded edges on all objects!"

"Get out of my way"

"No labels on fruit"

"Let's make tutus mandatory"

"Toilet seat warmers are very cozy. Check it out"


Phoebe Fay said...

I've always wanted a tutu.

h0les said...

I have a few tutu's and I agree, they should be mandatory.

Colonel Colonel said...

Me tu!

Mike said...

I don't have a tutu. Never wanted one until now.

My suggestion would be....needs more cowbell.

Phoebe Fay said...

Et tu, Bru-tu?

Sorry. but somebody had to say it.

CKW said...

Well I suppose if everyone were wearing tu-tu's road rage would be a thing of the past.

karen said...

For the record, the beek is called "Suggestion", and it's put out by a group called Illegal Art. It's a fascinating little thing, and the suggestions are not in type-face but reproduced in scribbles on the page.

k, not smiling, not at all

CKW said...

I suggest removing the line paper pennies as I keep seeing paper penises. My mind is definately in the gutter today but why penises?