Saturday, March 04, 2006

"World" Series?

We finally seem to have an acknowledgment that the terribly mis-titled "World" Series we stage each year is nothing of the sort...and that of all the stuff America has exported- guns, bombs, election fraud, it's baseball that seems to be doing the most good worldwide. So why am I upset about the World Baseball Classic?

Because the way American baseball is going about participating is seriously fucked up.

They are taking our star professional players away from their teams for Spring Training? WTF is up with that? From a purely selfish standpoint, I don't fucking want guys like our own Jason Varitek playing in that tournament during Spring Training. Most of our guys have not had enough time to get in shape, and are risking injury by playing those games. That's all we need- Tek out with an injury in March! And he's supposed to be working with our new pitchers, getting them ready. This tournament is terribly bad for major league baseball teams.

Then there is the question of talent- there is no way that stacking the American team with our superstars can work out well. If they win, everyone just says "Well... duh." And if they lose??? My God, Bush will have to go bomb someone to regain American prestige. It would be far better to send a squad of Triple-A stars, the guys who usually hang out with the major league clubs at Spring Training time. It would get them a lot more work than they usually get training with the Big Clubs this time of year, and many of those guys are playing at or near Major-League levels already, so it would be a very competitive team.

Win-win for everybody.

The way they have it set up now, all I can say is that they'd better fucking return all the Red Sox in the same condition we sent them in... or, or, or- oh Hell.

It's all Bush's fault. If he was Commissioner of Baseball he'd never have let this happen.

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