Sunday, March 19, 2006

Where's Spring?

It's light earlier and earlier, and later and later, but it's fucking cold out there. Where the Hell is Global Warming when we need it? I was in Boston Thursday doing some house calls and bookstore visits and spent an hour or so outside the Brattle going through cases of auction catalogs. God it was cold. And windy. Nearly froze my nuts off.

Got about 100 pounds of catalogs though, a good haul. That's how I going to buy books now- by the pound.

Did I mention it was cold? And I had to stand out in it for nearly an hour?? God, I'm a whiny bastard.


catalyst said...

Well, it snowed here in beautiful, sunny Arizona today. So quit your bitchin'.

The NCAA tournament is over for us now as Arizona put some pressure on Villanova before losing by 4, I think. Congrats to your Boston College. But I'm now hoping for a final of Bradley vs. George Mason.

Mike said...

Yeah it was nearly 70 here in Holumbus a week ago tomorrow. They are forecasting snow for Tuesday night. Global warming is a pipe dream.

Phoebe Fay said...

Pshaw! Why, when I was a beekslayer, I had to walk uphill through blizzards to get beeks, at times when it was so cold, my dog's farts froze! I had to stick hot coals in my bra just to keep my nipples from freezing off! And the wind! I one time was at a beeksale, and the wind came through so strong, I 'bout got blown to Kansas. Luckily, I spotted a box of National Geographics just before the wind lifted me completely off the ground, and I grabbed it and held on for dear life.

So quit your whining! Just stick a few hot coals down your shorts and Get Them Beeks!

CKW said...

I take it you haven't enjoyed this winter's summer so far? A little blustery cold weather finally shows itself after being 5 months late and you're ready for spring already? sheesh!

Oh your pic is printed and ready to ship, I'll be emailing ya tomorrow probably.

Colonel Colonel said...

catalyst- It's the first day of Spring- go blow all that snow into Texas...

mike- see note to catalyst.

phoebe- You mean you had ready-made beeks? We had to cut down trees with our teeth and shred them with our fingernails and then mix the shredded wood with our spit and tears to make pulp for paper. We then had to grind and melt rocks to make the type to print the pages, and we bound the books in the skins of cockroaches which we stitched together with hair we pulled from our heads.

Then we sold them for a penny apiece on ABE.

ckw- thanks! btw- anyone who has not checked out ckw's other blog, 'Creative Passions', is missing some wonderful photography. He has a steam-engine pic up now that is breathtaking (cc, like all boys, loves choo-choo trains; FB says 'it's a guy thing', but she thinks the pic is hot too).