Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Perfect Gift-

I was browsing Google images and found the book I want a copy of for my next birthday-

"The Gin and Tonic Gardener -Confessions of a Reformed Compulsive Gardener" by Janice Wells.

"The Gin and Tonic Gardener is designed for those of us who would rather enjoy our gardens than find ourselves enslaved by them. Weeds? Janice Wells exhorts us to have another gin and tonic: a stiff drink can actually help obscure, or at the very least, help you forget, those usurpers of the garden."

The only problem is I canna find a copy to buy- ABE & Bookfinder don't list any, and the few websites I can find it on (such as the one where I got this photo) are not actually selling the silly thing. Apparently it's a Canadian book. I'm sure that gods will be wanting a copy, so she'll probably figure out where to get them.


Mike said...

Well let me know if you find a copy. I do have to admit that a few stiff Gin's helps me to forget about life's little weed patches.

Phoebe Fay said...

And a little weed can help one forget about life's other little patches. So, it's all good.

Colonel Colonel said...

mike- I've been saying -gardening is a great hobby, if you do it with the right accessories.

phebes- call Jenna Bush.

catalyst said...

There seems to be an inordinate interest in gin around here. Doesn't anyone drink vodka anymore?

(Except me.)

Colonel Colonel said...

Not much vodka- mostly bourbon, scotch and gin, here. The point of vodka seems to be as tasteless as possible, and I never quite got the point of that.

Perhaps I need to do more in-depth research.

catalyst said...

SWMBO, who is allergic to gin (or Juniper berries, anyway), claims it makes men into mean drunks. I was drinking double Beefeater martinis when I met her and she married me. 'Course I'm a pussycat.

As for the ladies, I always liked that old song with the verse "It's gin, gin, gin, that makes 'em wanna sin."