Friday, May 12, 2006

Ginny Friday- II

What sucky weather. It's been cloudy/rainy most of the week (the contractors have been trying to re-shingle the carriage house all week; what a great run of weather they've had) and now it's pouring like cats and dogs. More rain forecast for Saturday, and Sunday, and Monday, and Tuesday...

So, let's finish up our Gin Madness week with some fun Martini images I found on the web. The first one is for that All-American wholesome activity -cookie baking. Gotta educate them kids on the why and wherefors before takin' 'em to the Gin Palace, eh?-
Next up we have another present I want next Xymas-

And we're gonna end with a book cover I'll offer without comment-

Happy Friday, everyone!


Mike said...

Now I have to have an atomic martini.

Phoebe Fay said...

I soooo love that book cover!

It makes me just want to bake up a batch of martini cookies and snuggle in for a good read.

Colonel Colonel said...

mike- yes, remember- "atomic energy is our friend"

phoebe- martini cookies with chocolate chips? We'll be right over.