Monday, May 15, 2006


gods brought this up over on Biblio- what do you call a group of booksellers?

My first thought was "a grumble of booksellers", although somebody had a very clever idea to call them "a foolscap of booksellers".

But what about other groups?

A disunity of Democrats.

A melee of Republicans.

A gusher of oilmen.

A quarrel of historians.

A nattering of bloggers.

A gasbag of Fox newscasters.

and, of course, a brouhaha of Beekslayers.


catalyst said...

A mafia of Bushies.

Colonel Colonel said...

A paradox of Independents.

Phoebe Fay said...

A drilling of dentists.

A bedeviling of trick-or-treaters.

A shotgun shell of Cheney supporters.

Colonel Colonel said...

A cloak of spies

A palette of painters

A silo of farmers

A tock of clock-watchers

surely there is something constructive I could be doing...