Friday, February 24, 2006

You say Tomato...

The answers to some questions tell you a lot about a person-

Gin or vodka?
Beatles or Stones?
(and John or Paul?)
Butter or margarine?
PC or Mac?
Beach or mountains?
Sean Connery or Roger Moore?

I was working on a post related to that last question (well, actually about the brouhaha surrounding the casting of the new Bond, Daniel Craig), but I thought it would be interesting to get some more input on Questions that divide the world in two.

There are always regional variants. Around here we have-

Red Sox or Yankees?
Cape Cod or Cape Ann?
New Hampshire or Vermont?

and so on.

Jump right in. What question tells you the most about a person?


Mike said...

I was going to say spit or swallow, but I won't. Oh wait, I just did. Have fun with that one CKW.

Around these here parts it is University of Michigan or Ohio State. It's a regional rivalry of epic proportions. If I am in Ohio, I wear my U of M shirt. If I am in Michigan, I wear my OSU shirt. Truth is, I despise them both.

Phoebe Fay said...

All-American, fully leaded, blast-off-your-brain, rot-your-guts, stains-your-teeth coffee or wussie, effete, comes-in-floral-flavors, pinkie-pointing, prissy-ass tea?

Colonel Colonel said...

Mike- yeah, around here that would translate to Harvard vs. Yale. The best thing about Harvard Yale games is that pocket flasks are required equipment for spectators.

Phoebe- remember, if we drink tea THE TERRORISTS WIN!

catalyst said...

U of A or ASU?
Pro-choice or Pro-Life?
Gay or straight?
Republican or Democrat? i.e., State Senator Ken Bennet or Governor Janet Napolitano?
And on Prescott's infamous Whiskey Row - no smoking to save our lives from first and second hand smoke caused cancer or freedom to operate our businesses as we want to?

Colonel Colonel said...

Catalyst- good ones.

Something there made me think of one that should have leapt to mind earlier-

hardcover or paperback?

and then there would be-

-burial or cremation?
-in a Chinese retaurant, fork or chopsticks?
-on the rocks or straight up?
-Michael Jackson- guilty or innocent?

CKW said...

Hmmm, some obvious ones first - warm up the brain...

Ford or Chevy?
Coke or Pepsi?
Blonds or Redheads?
Cats or Dogs?
Colorado College or DU? (remember you can't spell dumb without DU!)
Ranch or multi-story?
Morning person or Night owl?
He drives or She drives?

And for mike

Doggie style or Missionary?
Right hand or Left hand? (does it feel like someone else?)(don't answer that)
Playboy or Penthouse?
Avalanche or Redwings? (I won't insert the almost obligatory Redwings Suck)

Oh, I just did! oops :o)

It occurs to me that its too early to try this - yes I'm aware its just after 10 local time, I got up early today to play hockey. Waking up at 6am again is gonna be a shock!

jgodsey said...

top or bottom?

Mike said...

Avalanche? What the hell is that? Do they play hockey or something? I am pretty sure that you have violated some sacred code of hockey ethics somewhere if you use avalanche and Redwings in the same sentence.Unless of course you insert the word sucks after avalanche.

Sometimes I sit on my hand till it goes numb just so it feels like someone else....

CKW said...


Colonel Colonel said...

CKW- well, DUH!!! Blonds or redheads. You'd think I'd have figured that one out, with FB being a redhead and my well-documented fascination with Marcia Cross...