Monday, February 27, 2006

It's the Little Things

The Beloved Leader is visiting India and is not going to visit the nation's greatest artistic treasure, and one of the greatest pieces of architecture ever made by Man, the Taj Mahal.

He is going to go to a cricket match instead.

Bush, predictably, refused to even be man enough to say he's not particuarly interested in artistic and architectural treasures, and instead blamed his scheduler, who is apparently the one running the country.

"Look," the Texas Man of Steel whined, "if I were the scheduler, perhaps I'd be doing things differently."

Now I may be being picky, but I'd prefer a President who has the balls to tell his scheduler that he wants to see the Taj Mahal, dammit.

Not that I blame him, I guess. Last time he stood up to her, Laura apparently bitch-slapped him but good, and he ended up with that black eye they blamed on the pretzel...

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