Thursday, February 02, 2006

What's Hot, and what's not

OK, time to fess up- I am a huge Project Runway fan. I mean, hey, what's not to like? Hot women running around in varying states of undress every week, and some of the designers are pretty hot too. And at some point Heidi will pop the kid out and stop wearing pillowcases.

It's interesting to watch how the different designers grow, or don't grow, as the show goes on week after week. Daniel is my pick for winner right now; he's in a groove and seems to be one of those who get better as the weeks go by. Santino will be in the Final 3 Just Because- can you imagine a Final 3 without him? Chloe will be the third finalist. I think Kara is the next to go, followed by Nick -neither of them have as much talent as Daniel, Santino or Chloe, though at this point a single mis-step can really screw you. Just a week after blowing everyone's minds with his fabulous "gutter water pebbles" dress, Andre put his model into a roll of astroturf last night and got the boot.

The thing that is really annoying me at the moment is that I canna get onto the Bravo website to read Tim's f'ing blog. Bravo's website gives me a message saying I need to download the latest Flash component or summat, and I'll be damned if I'm going to do that. C'mon people! I know that lots of websites like to load up on the Flash graphics and other crap, but they almost always will also let you look at pages without those components. Bravo's site won't let me go anywhere. So it's a standoff. I sit here and curse and refuse to upgrade, and Bravo's site tells me I'm an ingorant, backward hillbilly, unworthy to view their fine website.

Fine. See if I invite them to this fall's Corn Husking. Heidi can come, though. And Tim. Tim's cool.

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