Thursday, July 31, 2008

Why I'm Voting Republican-

I know that all you whiny Obama Defeatocrats think the US economy is in the tank, just because you don't have affordable health care, or a pension, or a job, and your payments for food and gas and home heating oil have quadrupled in the past few months- well get your minds out of the WHINY GUTTER! American Corporation Exxon Mobil just posted an 11.7 BILLION dollar PROFIT for the last quarter, a record quarterly profit for any corporation anywhere, ever. SO THERE. Our economy is fine. If you want more money, work harder, like the chairman of Exxon/Mobil [probably] did!

- -

And all you Obamaniacs who think this guy is ready to lead our country- have you thought about how ignorant this one-term senator really is?

I mean, answer me this-

What US Presidential candidate recently-

-referred to the "the Iraq-Pakistan border", a non-existent border, because Iran happens to sit squarely between the two countries.

-claimed that American troop strength in Iraq was "down to pre-surge levels" when, in fact, we had 20,000 more troops than when the surge began.

-repeatedly refers to "Czechoslovakia," which no longer exists; it was peacefully divided in 1993 into the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

- while discussing Darfur, wondered: "How can we bring pressure on the government of Somalia?" when Darfur is the capitol of Sudan?

-Recently referred to "President Vladimir Putin of Germany"?


well, ok, all of these were McCain, but hey, he was shot down 40 years ago, so all of you worried that he may actually be senile, SHUT UP!!

I'm voting Republican!!


Mike said...

I don't blame you. That Obama guy ain't nothing but a Britney Spears wannabe anyway.

Preposterous Ponderings said...

They all SUCK!

Catalyst said...

Anybody who hangs out with Britney Spears AND Paris Hilton doesn't get my vote. Go Bush! 'er, I mean, McCain.

Malach the Merciless said...


Malicious Intent said...

Hey if ya'll wanna come over tomorrow we are having a cook out. roasted Republican on the fire pit! Yum, Yum! BYOB. Because we are too poor to buy everyone drinks. BYOSide Dish, we cannot afford those either.
And please bring your own paper plates, cups, and utensils. We can afford the wood for the pit, a tree fell down next door and we scavenged the wood at night when they were not looking. Will need that this winter for heat as well.

So should be a GREAT time! Cannot wait to see ya'll...if you can afford the gas.

Colonel Colonel said...

Mike: Sometimes I think we are all Brit'ney wannabees. I certainly am.

PrePo: and not in a good way.

Catalyst: Somebody will have to issue a guide to telling them apart- I can't do it anymore.

Malach: yeah, but is America really ready to elect a tall black guy in drag?

MI: Gas? You can't fool me! I looked at a map- you guys are completely downhill from where we are- we can just glide down.