Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Dang Coo Debacle!

A few weeks ago I noticed a spam message subject line that was unintentionally funny, so I sent the staff here at MMB out into the wilds of the internet to find more spam subject lines that were worth collecting and displaying. I am now proud to present the-

First MMB Exhibition of SPAM.


Please speedy attention to this lettern

This is the first one I collected. At first it seemed to be merely a misspelling at the end of an illiterate sentence, but as I've regarded it over the past few weeks, I've become convinced there is a much deeper meaning in there.

dang coo debacle

I get upset when my darn coo goes bad, too.

womanly anomaly

I'm here to help...

pharmacological preparations for life

In the 70s we just called them 'ludes'. I do love the 21st century.

ghastly stalactite

Now see, I had been under the impression that once you saw one stalactite, you'd seen them all, but apparently not. Maybe this one is shaped like Dik Cheney.

frozen grizzly bear

On Special this week - $8.99 a pound.

angiospasm angiosplastic angiosperm

Uh oh...

A pretty-pretty fly

Is now pretty-pretty swatted. Too too bad.

Infected tail light

Flatulent oil filter

And the tires don't look real good either.



unoppugned poetic ingwersen

matrimonial paramus nut

I've no idea what they mean, but they're fun to say and if 'unoppugned' isn't really a word, it damn well should be!

Go d ´ s me s s a ge. (no sp a m)

I was struck by the sincerity of this one. I had suspected it was spam, but would Go d lie about something like that? I th ink no t.


Malach the Merciless said...

Even though I love wordpress, I get a TON of Spam, I will have to post some

Colonel Colonel said...

Malach- Dang the coos- share! share! Some of it is unoppugnedly poetic.

Sirdar said...

Thanks to the almighty Akismet, I don't get a lot of spam on my posts. Oh, they still try but do not succeed and if they do....I spam it!!

Mu wife Dawn has found a new type of spam on her blog. It is a trackback to some blog that just says a few things then links to other blogs. Looks like he/she/it linked to quite a number of blogs that day.

Colonel Colonel said...

Sirdar- Good for Eloise! Sorry about the stove. How's your jaw? I should have been more specific- I get almost no spam on the blog, but having had the same business email addy for about 15 years, we get plenty there that makes it through the filters.

anaglyph said...

I particularly admire the Maxfield Parrish SPAM rendering.

Cissy Strutt said...

"Unoppugned" = not oppugned in any way.

Colonel Colonel said...

Reverend- thank you, that is an original MMB production.

Cissy- of course!

AngryMan said...

No comment from The Pope yet? I thought he'd be all over this one.

Mike said...

All of my spam is about viagra and Rolex watches. I guess it goes together somehow. With my new watch, I will know when it is time to get a hard-on.

Bruce, a work in progress said...

Your spam is interesting. All I seem to get are the ones questioning my size and endurance. I think my personal favorite was "A visit from the big dick fairy". That conjured all sorts of images. Can you see him and the tooth fairy getting their assignments mixed up?

Tequila Mockingbird said...

i know youre talking about electronic spam, but on a literal spam note, i have a book of spam haiku. it's really proFUCKINfound.

pink juicy little pig,
trapped in your shiny prison,
beckoning me sweetly.

Preposterous Ponderings said...

Spam ticks me off!

C.Rag said...

I don't get much spam. Does that mean I haven't been looking at enought porn? I need to get on my porn watching.

Colonel Colonel said...

Angryman- The Pope appears to have pooped out. Either that or he went *pop* again.

Mike- Synchronicity is sich a blessing in life.

Bruce- I get those too, and a bunch from various celeBRITNEYs offering to show me their tits. Buncha sluts.

T-Bird- That is GREAT! What's the title? I think we'll have to have a SPAM Day soon.

PrePonderings- Oh, with some ketchup it's actually pretty good.

C.Rag- You're depraved on account you're deprived.

(10 bonus points to the first one to identify the source of that quote -No Googling!)

Sara Sue said...

"angiospasm angiosplastic angiosperm"

Looks like something anaglyph might have sent, yes?

Cissy Strutt said...

West Side Story

Cissy Strutt said...

"We're depraved on account-a we're deprived" sang the Jets in the immortal plea to Officer Krupki.

They were down on their knees.
They were begging him please.

They also sang "We're distoibed". (yes - "distoibed")

Colonel Colonel said...

Sara- Ah! Yes, the Good Reverend is the Power behind the curtain.

Cissy- 10 Bonus Points!

Hey, Officer Krupki,
you've done it again!
This boy don't need a job,
he needs a year in the pen!
It ain't just a question,
of "misunderstood"-
Deep down inside him

The trouble is he's lazy!
The trouble is he drinks!
The trouble is he's crazy!
The trouble is he stinks!
The trouble is he's growing!
The trouble is he's grown!
Krupki, we've got

Cissy Strutt said...

"Officer Krupki - krup you!"

Colonel Colonel said...



'n I thought spam went out in the 70's. Used to love the stuff with egg, chips n beans