Friday, March 16, 2007


Catalyst has been posting about Spring in Arizona the past few days.

Although we still have some snow on the ground here, I was getting into it. This past Sunday we moved forward an hour and it's light until almost dinner time now; on Tuesday it was 70 degrees and we sat on the porch and sipped cold lemonade. The birds out at the feeder are getting into that "Spring Fling" frenzy.

Everything was going fine. I was ready for Spring!

And now, tonight, we are having one last blizzard.

It's been snowing since noontime, temps are in the 20s, and we are expecting about a foot and a half of snow, sleet and freezing rain before it all ends, sometime tomorrow afternoon.

I'm sorry, but - WTF???

Where did my Global Warming go????

This was not in the game plan on Tuesday.

Ike (my wife's horse) is quartered at a farm only about a mile and a half away, but we both drove over this evening to water and blanket him, because Amy was worried about getting the car in and out of the drive, and she was right. It's a long, dirt drive, and it has become very muddy and rutted with all the warm weather, and now that has all frozen at the surface, but with mud underneath and about 6 inches of snow and ice on top.

For a few minutes on the way out I thought we'd be walking home.

It's not like we have much to complain about, really- we both work here at home so we were not among the thousands of commuters who got stuck on the clogged roads this evening, and we have nowehere to go this weekend, except a St. Patrick's evening dinner tomorrow night at a friend's house, so it's not like I'm being incredibly inconvenienced.

But still...

Where the Hell did Spring Go????

Here's a picture of Ike, in better weather. Isn't he cute?


catalyst said...

But is that FB on his back?

Cissy Strutt said...

What a beautiful animal.

anaglyph said...

It's still an indication of global warming. The bizarre fluctuations are not normal. We're seeing them down here too - strange jumps from cool to hot in the space of a few days. Not at all a settled state of affairs...

Today is extremely humid - the kind of weather we normally see in January. I would be very happy to see a cold snap.

Colonel Colonel said...

Catalyst- no, actually it was one of the women who part-leased him when he was at his prior barn. Ike's retired now and doesn't jump anymore, but for a while he had several people jumping him. It could be amusing because Ike is 17+ hands high, and tends toward being just a little lazy, and so when he would come to some of the lower jumps he was so tall that he would simply step over.

When he had to jump though, he could do it very nicely.

Cissy- thanks! He really is a big, sweet, fuzzy cutey.

Reverend- you're absolutely right, although actually this sort of March storm is not unexpected around here. "St. Patrick's Day Blizzards" are an Olde New England Custome.

It's really, really annoying though.

Mike said...

We don't have any snow out here, but there's still about a foot and a half of Mormons I have to shovel every day.

That is one fine looking horse.

Phoebe Fay said...

Ikey's such a show-off!

Having 60 or 70 degree days followed by a blizzard is perfectly normal for Colorado in March. The bizarre climate change indicator is that we've had no snow at all so far this month (usually our wettest month). Sunny days and warm temperatures for the last two weeks.

Of course, on the north-facing spots in the yard, we still have little remnants of the several feet we got back in December (usually one of the driest months).

Maybe we'll get some blizzards in April yet (which would be perfectly normal - I can't tell you the number of times where the day started out being shorts and sandals weather and wound up requiring snow boots and parkas).

Colonel Colonel said...

Mike- we'll keep the snow if you keep Mitt.

Phoebe- It has been a weird weather year- I'm not looking for blizzards in April though- they might snow out the Red Sox!

Joey Polanski said...

Global warmin melts polar ice.

Meltin polar ice cools oceans.

Coolin of oceans slows ocean-convecktion.

Slowin of ocean-convecktion stops warmin of northern climes.

Thus, global warmin -- which is alive & well -- can bring on a new Ice Age.

Natures got us comin & goin!

Colonel Colonel said...

Joey- an interesting point. I first read about this on the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute site three or four years ago. Here in New England Global Warming could indeed mean a new mini Ice Age. But that's too complicated to fit into 15 seconds, so the Networks will never carry it.