Thursday, March 15, 2007

Speaking of showering...

Joey Polanski was writing of showers yesterday, which led me to remember a certain book cover, which led to, well...

Once upon a shower weary,
As Sue pondered, wet and dreary,
Over many an office jerk,
She resolutely did deplore.

As in the steam cloud she was napping,
Then there came a gentle tapping,
Tapping, tapping, a gentle tapping,
She heard at her shower door.

“Bob”, said she, “I’m in the shower,
And if you’ll give me just an hour,
I’ll be ready, really ready,
To face the party that’s next door.”

But still Bob continued tapping,
It was really more a rapping,
“Sue, we’re late!” cried Bob,
“Stop napping!
And open up the shower door!”

Sue turned off the shower water,
Just this once, she thought, “no quarter”,
So she opened wide the door-
And shut Bob up, forever more.


Mike said...

I think I am going to need a shower after this. Or----maybe not.

catalyst said...

Reminds me of a scene in a book I just read (Who the Hell is Wanda Fuca?). Our hero is greeted at the back door of his friend's house by a young woman with a small town wrapped around her, fresh from the shower. As she chats with him, she removes the towel to dry her hair. You'll have to read the book to find out what happens next.

catalyst said...

Oh, for cryin' out loud. Guess I got excited. It was a towel, not a small town, she had wrapped around her.

anaglyph said...

Quoth the Reverend 'Nevermore!'

Colonel Colonel said...

Mike- just be vigilant. My question is- where did she hide the knife?

Catalyst- No Fair!!

Reverend- Amen!

catalyst said...

Speaking of showers, Granny J had a picture on her blog today of a tee-shirt she found in a thrift shop with the name "Bates Motel" on the front of it.

Joey Polanski said...

Though I coud watch fer hours & hours,

Aprils showrs, I confess:

Eventualy I think a lot,

Of sompm hot. Aint June th best?

Colonel Colonel said...


While April and June are quite hot,
They were always just where I was not;
The calendar always for me,
was lacking some clarity-
I find lasses most pleasin',
when tradition they's heedin',
Which means Faith, Hope, or Charity.
(or if I get lucky- all three!)