Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Happy Fun Things!

I know every generation thinks that the next generation is going to Hell in a handbasket, but this time it's true. Just look at kids today- coddled and shielded from the Realities of Life.

Now back in the 50s (which is a bit before my time, but it's close enough for horseshoes) kids dealt with Reality, and it was FUN, DAMMIT.

Take, for instance, everyone's favorite 50s kids, the Happy Hollisters. Ok, ok, I didn't read them either, I was a Hardy Boys kids, but that's not the point. The point is that sports-loving Pete, peppy Pam, lanky Ricky, tomboy Holly, rompy Sue and their little dog Global Annihilati-, um, "White Nose", really knew how to have a Good Time-

Remember boys and girls- like Ronny Reagan said- Missiles are Happy Fun Things!


Thomas said...

I was a Tom Swift person myself. Can you even still find those books?

I don't even remember if I ever got to read all of them.


Mike said...

I always wanted a missile of my very own.

Colonel Colonel said...

Thomas- yes, these are now more available than ever thanks to online book websites like Amazon, ABE.com, and others.


I want a little missile,
that I can call my very own;
a handy, dandy missile,
with a thermo-nuclear cone;

To have a missile would be dandy!
And, oh- the chicks’ll be so hot!
And I’ll never wait in lines in movies,
Or to get a parking spot.

Cissy Strutt said...

It was Swallows & Amazons for me - hurrah!

Joey Polanski said...

Where was ROMPY SUE when I was growin up?

Colonel Colonel said...

Cissy- I'm not familiar with them, but at least we all had such books. I suppose the current generation has Harry Potter.

Joey- She and Peppy Pam were hanging out with the Hardy Boys. Later they both went to Vegas, became show girls, and Sue married a Silicon Valley tycoon, who bought her new silicone mountains.

jgodsey said...

remember when model rocketry was HOT.
it is still out there, but DHS is trying to eliminate their access to fuel and restrict their launches and heights. so basically they are trying to kill the entire hobby 8(

we used to launch rockets every weekend.

Colonel Colonel said...

Gods- I remember those- Estes rockets, weren't they?

The Hollister kids are obviously happy because they got to play with real ones.