Sunday, August 10, 2008

S(illy) U(seless) V(ehicle)s

As Americans get used to $4 a gallon gas, the love-affair we have had with SUV's seems to be ending. The staff at MMB recently spent minutes hours roaming the internet stealing photos researching Americans' new attitude toward their gas-guzzling shitboxes behemoths.

I'm sure this Lego SUV gets better mileage than a traditional one, at least going downhill-

Some people simply grab Martha Stewart's hot glue gun and can of gold glitter-

We have a few bets going as to whether this concrete SUV gets better mileage than a real one -

Some people have been re-purposing their SUV's-

And a few are getting ready to make the trip to the gas station a bit more exciting-

Of course, there's always the "pedal-for-your-life" approach-

Well, that's today's presentation. We hope you enjoyed it. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to walk the dog-


Catalyst said...

Hmmm, I think that's my marmalade all over that Hummer, isn't it?

Malicious Intent said...

I totally love the humvee one. I got to be in a virtual simulator humvee on friday and I was the gunner on top. I feel it's an accessory every vehicle should have.

Mike said...

You know I have given serious thought to our vehicle choices. They are completely wrong. I pretty much told my wife and son that their next cars should be small, gas efficient vehicles of some kind.

Of course I plan to take the money we save by getting them small efficient cars and spending it on gas for my truck.

Seriously. I just have to have a truck. I feel like one of those kids in a pedal car every time I get in a car.

Colonel Colonel said...

Catalyst: Mmmm... Hummer & marmalade!

MI: You're just trying to make me even more jealous.

Mike: Trucks are fine- we've had trucks. We had a Ford 350 van for a number of years. But SUV's are just silly- they're sort of the worst of both worlds.

Beach Bum said...

I really dig the armed VW SUV, it will have a great market down here in the south with deer hunters.

anaglyph said...

I saw a 'stretch' Hummer last night trying to navigate its way around Melbourne's narrow one-way lanes. One is forced to speculate on the intelligence (or lack of) that thinks hiring such a piece of automotive garbage is a 'cool' idea.

Malach the Merciless said...

Hey was that you in the Hummer that drove by a few time at Nonotuck Park?

Malicious Intent said...

First I am not trying to make you jealous. There was no trying, it was pretty easy.

Second, Phoebe is home and you are a dead man. May the force be with you.

Colonel Colonel said...

Beach- I hadn't thought of that. I don't think their popularity would be confined to the south...

Reverend- ah, i've got another pic I saw yesterday I have to post for you.

Malach- Not I, a relative was visiting this weekend and things were kinda nutty. There is a house a mile from here with a big gold Hummer. I'm not sure there's a sillier sight anywhere than huge gold Hummer.

MI- um, Colonel Colnel is not here at the moment. Nobody knows where he went. -Staff Sgt. Sterno.