Monday, March 31, 2008

Questions, Questions...

Could Bill Clinton possibly do any more damage to Hillary's campaign?

Kathy Lee Giffod has just been signed to co-host the Today Show's fourth hour. OMG- do the really broadcast that crap four hours a day?

A British court, after years of investigation, has found that the fact that Princess Di died while in a car being driven at 100 mph by a drunk driver being pursued by photographers, had nothing to do with a murder conspiracy formed by Prince Charles. Could that money even possibly have been better spent?

We're now a week into Spring- so why the fuck did we get two inches of snow this morning???

Is anybody paying any serious attention to anything the Chinese government says after it called the Dalai Lama a "terrorist"?

Well damn! Is anyone going to own Nokia stock after tomorrow?

- Do you think that George Bush will ever get it?

Is there any better female singer than Joan Baez, and will I ever get over her as she was in 1966 ?


Phoebe Fay said...

Do you think that George Bush will ever get it?

This is a very silly question.

Now, what is this about Viggo behind door #3? Where is this door? How did I miss this? Who's behind doors #1 and 2? Where is my Viggo?

Joey Polanski said...


I nevr knew JB had such SMOKIN gams!

But is there a bettr female singr?

Oh, yes.

Ohhhhhhh, YES!

Colonel Colonel said...

Phoebe: That poll was up for a week- You have to pay closer attention! As for your Viggo, i think you'll have to talk to HTGT about that...

Joey: OK, I would really hate to have to chose between Roberta and Joan. But wasn't Joan just smokin' hot?

Malach the Merciless said...

Joanie Rocks!

TED VELVET said...

dude I'm getting in my car right now, I'm driving north and will be there within an hour hammer in hand to hit you in the head for liking Joan Baez's voice.

C.Rag said...

These are questions for Malach, Dear Malach.

Colonel Colonel said...

Malach: and rolls!

Ted: Thanks for changing your mind about the hammer. That was damn good Belgian beer, though.

C.Rag: I will go right over!

Mike said...

I like looking at pictures of Joan from back in the 60's. I thought she was hot back then and never understood why Dylan dumped her. I never could really get into her singing though.

Will George Bush ever get it?

I hope so. I hope someday he gets every single thing that is coming to him.

pissed off patricia said...

Bill Clinton has just about trashed all the admiration I used to have for him. I used to think he was such a great person but today he's looking like some run of the mill mud slinger and I hate seeing him like that.

There was a time way back when I thought if Hillary ran and won we really would get two for one. As it stands today I don't like either one.

Hungry Mother said...

I hope that Bush doesn't ever figure out what Cheney has made him do, he just might make it worse. I prefer him dancing and mispronouncing. I kinda liked Dusty Springfield.

Cash said...

I have the answers. It's blowing in the wind while I'm peeing.


Colonel Colonel said...

Mike: True, maybe he'll get "It" with the capital "I". That would be fine with me.

PoP: it's sad what Bill is doing to his reputation.

HungryMo: Yeah, Dusty Springfield was great too.

Cash: I keep telling you, don't pee into the wind...

theoffendedblogger said...




I know! I got snow yesterday, wtf?! (well I do live in Idaho, but still heh)

I am!

Not me, never owned it.

Oh good god, no. He is too dense to ever get it, either that or he doesn't care!

Joan Baez was the best singer ever, and even I can't get over how she was in 1966 (and I wasn't even born yet).

Hope that answered your questions! :p


Di was actually killed by a hit squad of Martians hired by the third cousin twice removed of some Greek bloke who claims to have once seen Prince Philip in a newspaper.

I could have told em that for twenty quid n saved em a fortune

Kerstin said...

1. You wouldn't think so, but I'm sure he can.

2. Yes. They really do.

3. Probably. But then, they do have to spend all that money on something.

4. I'm with you on this. We got a good snow on Friday and Saturday. WTF?

5. Probably the same amount of attention they're paying to W.

6. Yes, because the chances of getting a tumor from a cell phone are practically non existent.

7. That depends on what it is.

8. To each their own.

Mrs. Chili said...

Don't even f*cking START with me and the snow. Gah!!

I've had Joni Mitchell in my head all day. "I was a free man in Paris..."

AngryMan said...

Dalai is clearly a terrorist. All terrorists rely on religion to justify their pointless world view. He just gets away w/it b/c he's a pacifist and doesn't ever hurt anyone. Stupid liberal media.