Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Candidate Who'll Bring Home the Bacon...

John Ashcroft, as some of you may remember, became Attorney General because he was out of a job, having lost his Senate re-election to a dead man. That was pretty embarrassing.

Not nearly as embarrassing however, as losing your office to a ham sandwich.

No, really. Down in Prince William County, Virginia, there's one running

The ham sandwich is leading the incumbent, 75% to 25% in the latest polls.

And he's delicious with a pickle, some chips, and a cold beer.


Mike said...

I came here to comment last night but I see you were caught by blogger turning off your comments too.

Regarding your post, I don't know how well this will work. I mean after all, we currently have a cheese sandwich for President and that ain't working out too well at all.

catalyst said...

Can we run him for president?

Colonel Colonel said...

Mike- yeah, they got me too. Blogger, like the Attorney General, is a slippery little fucker.

Catalyst- from what I've seen the past six years, Ham Sandwich is massively over-qualified.