Friday, June 02, 2006

The Spy Who Didn't Love Us

I don't know if you've seen this yet, but the Bush Administration wants to know every detail about where you go, and what you look for, on the internet. They are leaning on the search engines, like Google, and the service providers, to keep records for at least two years about every web search you do, and every website you visit, and every email you send. Given the Chicken-heart predilictions of most isp's and search engines, I don't imagine they are having to lean very hard.

Were you concerned about what sort of nuclear work Iran might be doing? Have you run a Google search on: "Iran nuclear bomb"? Congratulations. You're now on a list...

Over the last few days I've been blogging about the breakdown of the wall between private lives and public lives; although it is far removed from slobs munching tacos on a public bus while yakking on their cellphones, what we have here is, actually, just another instance of that. It used to be that what you read, who you talked to, and what you were interested in were your own business.

Not anymore. Now it is the goverment's business as well, and they are taking steps to find out.

We are not talking about fun, sexy spies like Barbara Bach; we are talking about a government that spies on you from the time you get up in the morning and check your email, through the day as you buy things with a credit card and make bank deposits, 'till nightime, when you call a friend in London or New York or Ottumwa. Every single one of those actions is now being monitored by the government. And this is the same government that bans folks who disagree with it from flying.

Feel safer yet?

George Orwell is spinning in his grave.


CKW said...

ya know - I never read 1984, I should. I need a good book to read anyway. My father keeps trying to get me to read non-fiction. I find most of it dry and boring, factual - not the type of story that grips you by the balls, eager to get home and pick it up and read some more.

Kinda like having Mrs Bach grab my balls and make me want more. mmmmmmm

>insert cold shower here<

Mike said...

I hope the government likes what they find out about me. My search habits are bound to make someone blush. Interestingly enough, I have several pictures of a naked George Bush with a donkey. Want to buy some? George is pretty scary, but the donkey ain't too bad.

Colonel Colonel said...

ckw- maybe I should do a Bond Girl week. Either that or a lesbo-nympho-killer hockey player week. Anyone want to vote?

mike- a Google search on the phrase 'George Bush screws "-" ' brought up 29,452,973,428,617 hits. Oddly, very few of them were sexual in nature...