Friday, June 16, 2006

On the Road-

Well, I've decided to take my "State of Denial" blog on the road -although it will also still be posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on it's blogspot site (see the right-hand link). But in an effort to get a slightly larger audience I've started posting it on the Daily Kos, that hotbed of Liberalism run amok. You can see the "diary" page here.

The cool thing about the Kos site is that every new diary shows up on the Main Page, in the right-hand column marked "recent diaries, for a while at least, so you get eyes. Then, if you get enough recommendations I think they put you in another spot on the main page. I'm still finding my way around how they do things over there, so I could be wrong about that.

So if you're a "State of Denial" fan, take a look at it over on Daily Kos. I have a feeling that not everyone over there knows quite what to make of it. Somebody left this comment this morning- "Whether anyone else will admit it or not, your parodies are both entertaining and spot-on:) How could anyone not enjoy?"

Huh... what the fuck are they saying about it, anyway?

What does Maude Adams have to do with any of this? Nothing, why? Is there ever a wrong time to post pictures of Maude Adams? I don't think so...


catalyst said...

Bravo, Colonel! This could be the start of something big!

karen said...

"Huh... what the fuck are they saying about it, anyway?"

babe, I think they're saying that it's NOT FUCKING FUNNY.

Of course they're wrong, it is very funny, but um. Dunno, those Kos people are ... kind of upset. About things. You know. Alot.

Carry on,

CKW said...

I'm not in a state of denial - I swear I'm not and you can't trick me into thinking I am!

Mike said...

Congrats Colonel. I not only enjoy being in a state of denial, I enjoy reading it too.