Sunday, June 04, 2006


How about a Quicky Quiz? First a few headlines from this morning's news-

21 commuters were dragged from their vehicles and shot dead on a street in Bagdhad yesterday.

Iran had ratcheted up the nuclear-standoff again by hinting that confrontation with Washington could start a global energy crisis by endangering the flow of oil from the entire Persian Gulf.

The investigation continues into multiple incidents of US Troops in Iraq killing innocent civilians on purpose.

The Canadians have uncovered a widespread terrorist plot that included 3x the amount of explosives used to blow up the Oklahomha City Federal Building.

A new report shows that amid surging sales of their more fuel-efficient cars, Asian brands have captured a record share of the US auto market.

Gas prices are up again, new jobs creation is down, the deficit is growing, bird flu spreads, Global Warming is speeding up...

So what is the #1 item on the President's agenda this week?

You guessed it- pimping for conservative votes in the Fall elections by starting a new campaign to amend the Constitution so that the secular legal contract of civil marriage is in accordance with Fundalmentalist Christian religious standards.

Now there's a good use of George's time...

I certainly feel safer now.

Because God knows that whether or not Dick Cheney's daughter can enter into a civil contract of a certain type with her gay partner is much, much more important than Iraq, Iran, bird flu, Global warming, the economy, terrorism, or anything else that's going on.

Nero fiddled while Rome burned. George Bush panders while the world implodes.

Way to go, Mr. Decider.


Mike said...

I have been resisting a post about Haditha for days now. Don't get me started. I will go totally radical if I do.

George will only deal with superficial issues. Everything else is way below his radar.

Colonel Colonel said...

mike- yes, George can go fuck himself with a donkey, or poison ivy, or an ayatolah, I don't care anymore.