Tuesday, June 06, 2006

more coffee...

ok, I am going to stop trying to edit posts now. Having just deleted two. I canna say it was all my accomplishment -stupid dial-up connection shorting-out helped.

To update, the post was about Mike over at Gin & Tonic hanging it up, and how his blog was an inspiration for my own blogging, and how much I always enjoy his entries. And then there was a picture of a lot more of Jessica Alba than you usually see (well, I guess that depends on where you look) which I have also lost.

Fortunately the daffodil post was written in Word beforehand, so I have a copy. There is no copy of Jessica- she is a unique Force of Nature.

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catalyst said...

You probably already know this but Mike has decided he is just taking a break and will be back. Good for him . . . and for us.

Dial-up? I thought Massachusetts was a progressive state!