Wednesday, June 21, 2006

And the living is Easy...

At 7-30-something this morning it officially became Summertime!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Summer and loathe Winter? Winter storms are ok- I'm always up for any drama the weather has to offer, but I'd rather be hot than cold any day, and all that snow and ice and slush and the long, dark days... ick. Makes me shiver just thinking of it.

But now it's Summer, and I can amuse myself watching the radar on Weather Underground for thunderstorms and such, though I have to admit that since we moved to the country and are now in a house surrounded by large, old, heavy trees, I'm not as hopeful for a real rip-snorter of a thunderstorm as I once was.

My wife calls it "weather porn" when she comes in and I'm peering at the computer screen where I've got the Tropical Weather page up, reading about embedded tropical waves and whether they have associated convection... btw- it's been a quiet week, but just an hour ago they put up a note that there is "an area of disturbed weather over the Bahama Islands associated with a non-tropical low pressure system that has the potential to develop into a tropical depression later this week. Currently, the disturbance is embedded in an area of strong vertical wind shear of about 15 - 25 knots, but a small area of lower shear is expected to develop over the Bahamas starting on Thursday."

I mean, OK, so I've got a satellite picture of a hurricane on my Opening Page with links to local weather and the tropical weather pages- she acts like that's not quite, you know, normal...


Mike said...

I secretly wish to be in a tornado with Helen Hunt. You know...a really bad one that rips off all of our clothes. Were you watching the storm that just came through Columbus? Now that was a rip-snorter.

catalyst said...

Normal? NORMAL?

I have the weather forecast page, the radar page, and some Flagstaff web cams all bookmarked so I can get to them in a hurry.

My rich blonde stepdaughter lived for about 20 years in Tulsa, the heart of Tornado Alley. She never paid any attention to the weather until the sirens went off.

My wife's mother used to go outside in Indiana to watch approaching thunderstorms.

I've been known to climb up on the roof to watch lightning light up the sky.

Normal? Harrumph!

Colonel Colonel said...

This must be mostly a guy thing.

Helen Hunt is one of my favorite actresses, and "Twister" is one of my favorite movies- every time I get out the box to watch, my wife groans and says something about not knowing whch turns me on more, Helen or the tornados.

I'm not sure it's an "either/or" question.

CKW said...

There are web pages and tv channels that tell you what's going on outside? Why do I think y'all got TV's like Phoebe is talking about to WATCH the tornadoes? Why go inside to learn what its like outside? I bet this is how Rome fell.

Um, y'all know that windows are cheaper if they're not from Microsoft right?

I'm thinkin' PF might be on to something - here we are a society of people that close ourselves off into dark little rooms with little tiny monitors and tv's to tell us what it's like outside. In pretty fucking colors.

In the main airport in Denver you can tell who's from where when its tornado season. All those from Tornado alley run like hell to the bathrooms for safety. All those from up North and Colorado natives run to the windows to see, its like nascar Mother Nature style. One big ass left turn.

As for winter/summer - I hate summer. Well relatively speaking. I don't like heat, there is only so much I can take off before I start offending people. With winter, I can always put on another layer or turn on the heater, start a fire, call the fire department - calling the FD is DEFINATELY romantic too, I can vouch 1st hand there.

However I like all seasons, especially on or near a college campus. The tight sweaters in fall, the skimpy summer dresses in june, the tight ski-bunny outfits in winter. >sigh< yes the scenery at an all girls campus in all seasons is best.

What were we talking about again? I lost track.

Colonel Colonel said...

Helen Hunt.