Monday, June 19, 2006


FB and I have spent the last several nights watching bull riding from Omaha on the cable channel OLC. It's amazing; we'd never watched this sport before. If I had one single observation to make it would be- these guys are NUTS.

These are LARGE, professional bulls, bred for the task. The cowboys risk having their heads pulped, legs broken, collar-bones snapped, shoulders dislocated (saw one of those) and assorted other less serious injuries. And they do it for peanuts. The top prize for this event, which featured the best bull-riders in the country, was $25,000. In baseball, the New York Mets Pedro Martinez gets $25,000 for pitching to a single fucking batter. Next time Pedro talks about being shown "respect" (he used to mouth off about that a lot when he was pitching for the BoSox) I suggest somebody sit him on top of a 2500 pound bull and pop the gate open.


CKW said...

While I'm not a big fan of animal abuse like this (what they do to those bulls isn't nice) I agree 110% regarding those hoytee-toytee sports freaks.

Mike said...

I watch this from time to time too and from what I have seen there is more abuse done to riders than bulls. Of course I am only referring to the few seconds these guys are on the bull. I suppose the long term effects are felt in the bulls.