Friday, August 03, 2007

Ways Not to Start Your Weekend-

Don't give the cat a good scrubbing-

note: this is not our sink & not our cat

Don't volunteer for the Chinese National Guard-

Don't start anything you can't finish-

And don't forget to keep cool!


Mike said...

Great pictures and I bet that Chihuahua could take that big as dog.

I always hold the bigger dogs down and let Carmen chew on them.

Sara Sue said...

I disagree with the first piece of advice. It's always a good idea to wash your pussy. Especially before a big weekend. Shaving and trimming helps too.

Joey Polanski said...

I wondr which o them chicks is meltin that ice th fastest.

Colonel Colonel said...

Mike- I don't think it's obvious who in that picture might bite off more than they could chew- my money is on the chihuahua too.

Sara- I don't think there's anything I can possibly add to that.

Joey- I love contests!!!

anaglyph said...

If I did that to my cat I'd be dead meat.

Colonel Colonel said...

Reverend- yes, that pic certainly looks like the Prequel to the tv show "When Housepets Mutilate" to me.