Tuesday, April 04, 2006


[Non-bookies keep reading, you're going to like this in the end.]

Advanced Book Exchange, the Canadian company which runs bookselling database www.abe.com, has run afoul of the Freepers, a bunch of ultra-Conservatives over at a website called Free Republic! How the heck did they manage that, I hear you ask?

Well for their 10th Anniversary they are doing promotional bookmarks featuring the slogan "If you can't find it here, it doesn't exist". One of the bookmarks features a mock up of a book titled "Making Marriage Work" by Henry VIII. And here's the other one-

Some folks have said that ABE is crossing a line with this, but I don't see it. If you can make fun of an Engish monarch, why not an American President? Democrats would find a bookmark with the book "Fidelity for Idiots" by Bill Clinton funny (well, I would), so Republicans can just go out and buy a sense of humor. Funny is funny, and if you can't laugh at yourself I feel really, really sorry for you.

UPDATE: Well, the Politically Correct have again won, and destroyed a good bit of fun. I tried to order some bookmarks and got a message saying they were all out. Yeah, right. A great pity. I mean, God forbid anyone should actually be forced to think about anything. Or maybe the Freepers phoned in a bomb threat or sumthin'. I dunno, but I do know that once again free expression takes a hit, and that sucks.


Mike said...

I am an equal opportunity "laugher." Funny is funny and it doesn't matter who is the butt of the joke....as long as it isn't me.

Phoebe Fay said...

Ah man! ABE finally does something cool, and then they cave?! Or maybe they really did run out? Maybe they just got so slammed with orders from all the publicity? Maybe?

And Mike, you're right. Funny is funny, especially when *you're* the butt of the joke. And actually, funny is funniest when I'm the butt of the joke. I crack myself up. I've dyed my hair red in my old age, but I was born a blond, and I have blond moments a dozen times a day.

Mike said...

Phoebe, I have never been blonde, but have blonde moments anyway. Some may say it is old age and they'd probably be right.

CKW said...

huh? did I miss sumptin?

CKW said...

Do they have a "Turning 40 for dummies" book? I know someone that could use it.

(ducking & running)

I was able to mail out a photo/print of the barn today. Sorry it took so long - these day jobs suck to get out of and run errands. I didn't plan on charging ya for it, you'll probably get it on Friday.

Janorama said...

Dear Mad Bookseller,
I am writing from Abebooks.com and we all read your blog daily. Thank you for the positive comments regarding the Bush bookmark! We did indeed run out of materials and in spite of all the negative mutterings, received orders for over 1.8 millions bookmarks. We will be offering 3 versions of the bookmark, including one with the Bush book so I can certainly send you some.

The best way to get me your address is to contact our customer service department with your seller name. Let them know you run the Mad Bookseller blog and have been in contact with Janice in marketing.

thanks again!
Janice in Marketing