Saturday, January 21, 2006

Take Note, Web Searchers

It is interesting to note the little-noted sidelight to the current brouhaha over Google's fight with the Government over the Goverment's demand for millions of search records. That sidelight is that, while Google refused the absurd and dangerous request, Yahoo, MSN and AOL all stripped and rolled over for Big Brother faster than Paris Hilton would for a video recorder.

Thanks for protecting the privacy of your users, AOL, Yahoo & MSN! It'll be a cold day in Miami before I do any searches on your sites.


Mike said...

I'm actually quite proud that google stood up to the crazy people that run our government and I agree, no more searches on any of those other sites.

jgodsey said...

i am too.. mean while i am looking at using ww.tor.com to do my surfing.