Sunday, January 29, 2006

Is ABC News Cursed?

If nobody else on the internet has asked this question, let me be the first, purely in the interests of really, really poor taste and stupidity. But still...

Does it seem to anyone else that God loves the anchors of ABC's World News Tonight so much that he calls them all home to him early?

Let's roll the videotape-

In 1978 ABC renamed its broadcast "World News Tonight" and named Frank Reynolds, Max Robinson and Peter Jennings as co-anchors. All three men were crackerjack journalists of high ability.

In 1983 Reynolds died at age 59 from bone cancer.

In 1988 Max Robinson died, at age 49, of AIDS.

In 2005 Peter Jennings died of lung cancer at age 67.

ABC News correspondent Bob Woodruff, a highly qualified reporter, was recently named as his permanent replacement, along with Elizabeth Vargas. Today the vehicle Bob Woodruff and a camerman were riding in was hit by a roadside bomb in Iraq and Woodruff was seriously injured, with shrapnel wounds to the head.

He's apparently going to be ok, which is great news, but still... given the history of misfortune the job brings, maybe if you're gonna be the anchor of World News Tonight, you might want to stay out of places like Iraq.

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