Thursday, January 19, 2006

Cats, Lost Books & Things that go Bump in the Night

Pyewackett has finally persuaded us to give her a part-time job as a Supervisor in the receiving Department...

I again used the Foolproof, Never-Fails Method(tm) of finding a lost book- buy another copy.

A month ago I turned the office and rest of the house upside down looking for my copy of “The Elegant Auctioneers”, a history of auctions in America, which I needed for some cataloging I’m doing. I knew it had been unpacked because I had a distinct memory of reading from it the first few nights we were here during the Summer. Couldn’t find it anywhere. I finally ordered another copy off the web, which of course meant that my copy would turn up as soon as the new copy arrived and that’s the way it worked- found it this morning while straightening up the bedroom. It was at the bottom of the pile of books on my bedside table.

Maybe the Red Sox can use that method to find themeselves a new Center Fielder.

It's finally stopped raining, but while it lasted I thought we were going to float away. The winds were howling too, which can be quite something in a big old house late at night. Bump. Thump. Bump... That's why we have two cats- if you hear an unexplained sound late on a stormy night and the first cat is asleep on your lap, it could always have been the other one...

I'm scared of something that's not there,
(it's hiding under my bed)
My father says it's just the night air
making the branches sway and wave-
but I know it's big and red.

It has six horns and warts and lumps
and it's not in my closet
going "Bump" Bump" Bump".
And my Mom, who really cares,
promises it's not at the top of the stairs.

It's not in my toy chest or dresser drawer,
I don't see it's shadow on my floor,
I'm not scared silly, right to my core,
Of the thing with bumps that's big and red,
that isn't hiding under my bed.

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