Tuesday, January 31, 2006

State of the Union Drinking Game

This from Beekslayers, where Admiral Don stole it from somewhere else...

Sure, 2 drinks for every mention of “God” will get you loaded — but where’s the sport? We thought we’d add a couple variations:

# Every time Bush mentions Iran: 1 drink
# Hamas: 1 drink
# North Korea: 1 drink
# Bush begins a sentence with “British Intelligence…”: Drink an entire bottle of whatever you were drinking three years ago, throw it at the TV
# Bush mentions the people of New Orleans: Cry into your beer, then drink it.
# Bush mentions the people of New Orleans in a positive light: Shot of bitters.
# Bush mentions Hurricane Katrina: Tell person sitting next to you that you’ll refill their glass, then leave town for a couple days.
# Bush mentions Hurricane Katrina in a positive light: Check the label.
# Every time Bush makes reference to a previous President’s SOTU address: 1 drink.
# If the reference is to a Democratic President’s speech: 2 drinks.
# To Grover Cleveland’s 1888 address: Finish the bottle.
# Bush mentions Coretta Scott King: pour out a 40 on the curb.
# Chris Penn: Pour out a 40, a steak, and a milkshake on the curb.
# “Health Savings Accounts”: Enjoy the freedom to choose a drink you can’t afford.
# Bush ends the speech with “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?”: A billion drinks.

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jgodsey said...

can i just skip the state of the union and get blotto now?