Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Random Mutterings

I stole this "random thoughts" format from Mike's blog yesterday. I make no apologies.

Theo is back with the Red Sox. First he was here, and there was no problem at all with his new contract, and then suddenly on Halloween he was gone, and in a gorilla suit, no less, and never ever coming back. Now he's back. Theo and the rest of the dudes at Yawkey Way just used up a lot of the goodwill they got over the last few years. It's time for somebody there to begin acting like an adult.

The WB and UPN networks are combining to be one new network. Cool. That means not watching any of their damn shows will only take half the time, right?

You may have noticed that I signed up to run an advertisement in a box at the top of this blog. It's not to generate money, I mean what do they pay in the event someone actually clicks the damn thing, a tenth of a cent? I am amused, though, by looking to see what the computer has chosen to link to my blog each day based on the last day's topic. Yesterday it was squirrel proof bird feeders. That amuses me. Hey, so little else does these days, it's something, anyway.

I see the Kuwaiti Parliment just voted unanimously to remove their new Emir from office as "unfit". How come they get to do that and we can't?

I know how to make the process of picking a new Supreme Court Justice more dignified -let the Republicans and Democrats each choose ten names, put them on a Big Wheel and let Vanna White spin it to see who gets the seat.

CBS has pulled the plug on the West Wing. In other words, they cancelled the President because of poor ratings. How come they get to do that and we can't?

I see Google has knuckled under to China's demand that it censor its results in return for being allowed access to the Chinese market. I thought that Google's fundamental policy was "Don't be evil"? I guess that's going to be modified to "Don't be evil, unless we can make really big bucks out of it".


Mike said...

Sometimes those random thought things just have to get out.

And for the record, I am all for Vanna White spinning the wheel for the supreme court nomination. At least that way we can blame it on fate instead of ignorance. That's always a little easier to take.

jgodsey said...

i am seriously studying blog ads available.

apparently google pays you based on 'clicks' not sales...which i do like....

amazon's ads have improved a lot since i first looked into them back in 03.

I dont' mine NOT running ads from MY personal blog...but i'd like to make some ching ching from SOMETHING on the net. It seems like everyone else is.