Friday, May 18, 2007

Random Thoughts for a Rainy Friday Evening-

The Red Sox are almost ten games in front of the Yankees. That's waaaay too good to be true. Come August I have a feeling we'll want a few of those back. What sort of reception will Rocket Roger get when he pitches at Fenway June 1st? Heh heh heh...

ABC premiers a new show in prime time tonight- "American Bingo!" Network TV is now officially dead.

If you have missed it, the most important environmental news story flying under the radar is the mysterious die-off of American bees. Our neighbor is an apiarist and lost half his bees this year. The story has major implications for American agriculture. I'm assuming Katie Couric will be reporting on it... when?

Do you suppose Alberto Gonzales will be the next President of the World Bank?

It's been a beautiful week here in Happy Valley, but this weekend it's going to rain. Just one more argument for being self-employed and working from home- I spent half the work-week in the garden and will work at my desk all day Saturday and a half-day Sunday, and if the boss accuses me of slacking off, I'll tell myself to go shove it.

The front window box under the port cochere has always been a bit problematic as it gets no sun whatsoever, so this year I decided to try some ferns- we have about 6 billion ferns growing in the back and side yards, so if they don't winter over they can be replaced. Here's a view from the front stairs looking across the box back towards where Amy and I sit and have lunch in the front corner of the porch-

Have I mentioned lately how lucky we were to be able to sell the place in the city for a grossly inflated price and move out here to the country? God, this is a little piece of Heaven.


Mike said...

Absolutely beautiful Colonel, but can you see The Wal*Mart from that lovely corner of heaven?

Catalyst said...

Absolutely lovely, Colonel. And very Norman Rockwell, what with the flag flying.

Forrest Proper said...

Mike- and that's what makes it perfect- you can't see it, but there's a Wal*Mart just over the town line in Northampton, about six minutes away, and there's another over the river in Hadley that they're going to make into a Super*Duper*Wal*Mart as soon as they can pay off the state people to let them fill in some wetlands. I was actually inside the Northampton one once, about three years ago. Bit of a dump, actually. But it makes me feel very Amer*ican knowing they're there.

Catalyst- well, this is a very Norman Rockwell town, with people and their kids actually out walking on the sidewalks, and our annual Vinatge Car Show/Tractor Show/Library Sale/Cookout each July, and the Luminarium every Xmas and all that. As for the flag, I'll be damned if I'm going to let the Bushies co-opt it.

Phoebe Fay said...

Gorgeous place, Colonel. And bad news about the bees. Local honey is one of the great pleasures of life.

Anonymous said...

Colonel - a heads up. There is some new utility in the latest Blogger that usefully turns off the ability for people to leave comments on posts - this has happened on your recent 'Bacon' post.

This has been a TCA Public Service Announcement

Forrest Proper said...

Phoebe- local honey on fresh rosemary bread... suddenly I'm hungry.

Reverend- many thanks for the heads up! I know this happened to a few other blogs recently, so y'all be careful out there. Here's a handy hint- if it happens, do not go to your Settings page and start turning on and off the "comments" settings. The problem is in the individual post setting, and can be fixed by hitting that little-noticed Post-Options link in the bottom left corner of the edit window for the individual post.

Like our current Attorney General, the Blogger Edit Fairy is a sneaky little bastard.