Friday, June 03, 2016

The Bunny Yawns

I’m going to form a Goth Punk Poet Slam team
called the Bunny Farts.
We’ll dress in black pleather jumpsuits
with pink bunny slippers
and recite Poe at random people
on street corners.

Then we’ll all memorize Rod Mckuen poems
and when people ask us why we’ll say-
“Can you imagine anything more terrifying
than 5 Goth Punk poets in black pleather jumpsuits
with pink bunny slippers
reciting Rod Mckuen at you?”

Then we’ll go to the National Poetry Slam
and they’ll be all like,
“you can’t compete because your team isn’t certified”
and we’ll tell them we don’t need no stupid certification-
we have pink bunny slippers
and they’ll say “Oh, ok, you’re right.”

And then we’ll say, “No, you’re right,
and we think competition is all Patriarchal anyway”,
and then they’ll say, “We want you to be the Ambassadors for Poetry,”
and we’ll say “Cool”, and give everybody pink bunny slippers,
and copies of ‘The Best Poems of Rod Mckuen"
that we’ve run through a paper shredder.

And then we’ll go to the White House
and the President will be all like, “Hey, it’s great to see you”
while he’s motioning to the Secret Service agents,
and then we’ll say, “don’t worry,
we won’t read any Rod McKuen at you,”

And then we’ll all laugh and he’ll order pizza,
and then Ruth Bader Ginsburg will ask if she can be
an honorary Bunny Farter, 
and of course we’ll say, “Yes”,
and give her a black pleather jumpsuit and pink bunny slippers,
and she’ll wear them for the rest of the year at the Supreme Court.

So that’s what I’m going to do for
National Poetry Month next year-
there are four spots open on the Bunny Farts,
if anyone wants to join me.