Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Heist- Day Two

So, Day Two of the largest robbery in human history didn't go especially well for Bouncing Ben Bernanke and Henry "The Hood" Paulson on Capitol Hill today, although it is looking more and more as if Congress may ignore the will of the American people and actually give the bastards on Wall Street their blackmail for screwing the economy. The Shrub is going to address the American people tonight and tell you all that this is an emergency- just like the invasion of Iraq was.

How do you know when GeorgeFuk is lying- ?? You all know the answer to that...

I urge everyone to write and call their congressman and tell them to "just say no".

John McCain, down nine points in the polls overnight, suddenly wants to stop Friday night's debate and have both presidential candidates suspend their campaigns. Huh? But he's not done- McCain says we need a "bi-partisan congressional committee" to negotiate a bail-out deal with the Treasury.

Well, excuse me, Senator McCain, but last time I checked we had a "bi-partisan" committee looking at the deal- it's called "Congress". What McCain really means is that it's easier to strong-arm 20 people than 435. Fuck you, Senator McCain.

Maybe what Congress needs is more bars. I know, I know, many Congressmen have a reputation for being "lit up", but apparently the English Parliament is even more dedicated in that regard. There are 17 bars in the House of Commons building, and if you want to get sense out of many parliamentarians you had better catch them before lunch. A correspondent on NPR told the following tale this week-

A well-known English politician, having had an especially "liquid" lunch, went to an official function afterwards and spotted a shapely figure in a wonderful, flowing purple gown. When he lurched over and asked for the next dance he was rebuffed-

"Firstly" said the object of his affection, "this is a diplomatic reception, not a dance party."

"Secondly, that is not a waltz, it is the Brazilian national anthem."

"And lastly," he was told coldly, "I am not some chorus girl, I am the Archbishop of San Paolo!"

Please, call your Congressperson again and tell them to "JUST SAY NO!"

UPDATE: There are nationwide protests Thursday. Please, for the sake of us all, and your children and grandchildren, we MUST say NO!!!


Malach the Merciless said...


Wyrdtimes said...

No such thing as the English Parliament old bean. In fact England is just about the only country in the world without one.

But we're working on that.

Phoebe Fay said...

I saw the chimp give that speech lasat night. It took all my will not to puke on the couch.

And pray tell, what the fuck is McCain going to do in Washington once he actually shows up there? (He didn't go immediately - he had to meet with Lady Lynn "Obama's an elitist" Forester de Rothschild.) Seriously, the guy doesn't understand the economy. He's just going to get in people's way. And besides, he hasn't been in attendance for a vote in months and months. Why should he start now?

Hungry Mother said...

I think Obama should show up at the debate without McCain and speak his piece. I loved his remarks about how a President has to do more than one thing at a time.

Cissy Strutt said...

I have been to the Lords Bar at the House of Lords & had a gin & tonic with Lord Willis of Chislehurst. But I'm not posh or nothing. Or boastful. Just saying ...