Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Don't Miss These!

The television networks are rolling out their new Fall shows, and I'm sensing a trend-

Where's Sarah? - Tina Fey stars in this new ABC comedy about an Alaska housewife-turned-Governor who divides her time between defending the state against Russian invasion, gutting moose, and keeping her lovable husband (John Goodman) from starting an Alaskan war for independence.

McCain & Hussein - From Fox we have a completely fictional action series- Vietnam War veteran and ex-POW Jack McCain (Chuck Norris) spends each week chasing B. Hussein Osama (Tony Shaloub), a secret Islamic agent posing as a respectable American politician who is plotting to destroy America.

Palinpalooza - This new Bravo channel offering gives contestants a chance to win points by throwing pork at a giant map of Alaska. Michael Moore hosts.

And what would an election season be without toys & games?

Coming this Fall from Mattel, the Keating Five Action Figure Set. This set comes with realistic plastic figures of all the Keating Five senators, including a John McCain figure whose arms move up and down to accept bribes. Accessories include black bags full of play money and a Flexible Ethics Accessory PakTM for each figure.

Also from Mattel, check store shelves for TwisterTM "Election Edition". Players contort themselves into unusual and impossible shapes as they try to keep both hands and feet on colored circles marked "Experience", "Change", and "Patriotism".


Mike said...

Just a bunch of reasons to give up television as far as I can tell.

Colonel Colonel said...

I'm going to check out the Tina Fey show. I'd follow her anywhere.

Joey Polanski said...

In Where's Sarah?, I wouda cast John Goodman as th moose.

And you gotta creddit Mattel, fer makin a McCain figgr whose arms can atchualy move.

Colonel Colonel said...

It's amazing what free money can accomplish.

Pope Benedict XVI said...

They must stop putting nice Catholic Shows on TV, yes, yes.

Catalyst said...

Hey, hey, hey!

Tina Fey!

It's a great day!



Tina Fey!!!

Beach Bum said...

"Where's Sara?" Is far too close to reality if she should get into office. Though don't forget the kids having premarital sex in the bushes of the VP's mansion.

Malach the Merciless said...

I would do both Sarah and Tina

Cissy Strutt said...

Oh how I love Tina Fey.

Malicious Intent said...

So tied of the same old programing. South Park still sounds more interesting to me. Sadly I am sill watching it as it shows more thought and creativity. Also, more realistic.

Toys...not the kind of "toys" I am interested in at my age unless they take batteries. And there is NOTHING with McCain or Paln with batteries that I am interested in. Yuck!

Colonel Colonel said...

Popey: You mean like Wheel of Indulgences?

Catalyst: Tina Fey makes any day better!

Beach: That's another show- "Anchorage 99210".

Malach: At the same time?

Cissy: Tina Fey for President!

MI: Eww! A battery-operated Sarah Palin 'device'... eww! eww! ewww!

Hungry Mother said...

Nice lineup of shows. If I added "Lost", "24", and "Entourage", I'd have all I need.