Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Internet-

-is indeed a wild and wacky place.

Where else could you be Googling asparagus and come up with this picture? Or be reading a story about NASA mis-spelling the name of their own space shuttle , and then click a link in the sidebar and come up with this (it starts kinda slow but keep reading).

And yeah, I can think of better uses for venomous snakes too.



Mike said...

Micropenis? That's a new one. I am going to have to file that one away for future reference.Not that I am going to need it or anything. Well, okay I might need it, but that is a whole 'nother story.


Micropenis. Who knew?

Joey Polanski said...

Chicks prefr a wide penis to a long one?

Oh, GREAT! That must explain them friggin condoms made by Rubbermaid.

Cissy Strutt said...

Adding weights to your todger just isn't right.
Splaying it open will give you a fright.
Want a penis with added height?
Get a snake to give it a bite.

Colonel Colonel said...

Mike- I learn so much new stuff on the internet it frightens me. Sometimes it really frightens me.

Joey- I was just going to Google images for "RubberMaid" but then decided not to.


ouch ouchouch ouch ouchouch ouch ouch!
Ouch ouchouch ouch ouchouch ouch ouch!
ouch ouchouch ouch ouch,
ouch ouch ouchouchouch ouch,
ouch ouchouch ouch ouchouch ouch ouch!!!

Sara Sue said...

Yes, the internet is indeed a wealth of information! If not for the web I never would have know about guys like this!

Phoebe Fay said...

I thought I'd commented on this, but turned out I'd just followed links and got endlessly distracted. Bad internet. Bad.

And then I followed Sara Sue's link. Very Bad Internet. Very Bad. Must scrub eyeballs with lye.

Colonel Colonel said...

Sara- that popping sound you just heard was my corneas imploding.

Phoebe- aren't those links distractring?

Sara Sue said...

Sorry, I should have noted that link was NSFAA (Not Suitable For Anyone At'all)

Colonel Colonel said...

Sara- a wasp was flying by the screen when that opened up and he exploded in midair.

Cissy Strutt said...

Sara Sue - not while I'm eating breakfast! Actually, not ever. At all.

anaglyph said...

As far as the NASA spelling whoopsie, um, what's the big deal? You Yanks leave the 'u' out of ALL the correct spellings: colour; favour; flavour; rumour; rancour...