Friday, April 13, 2007

Random Musings

Don Imus made a fortune out of saying outrageous things and making people angry. Last week he suceeded in doing the latter beyond even his own wildest expectations. And now he's bitching about the consequences.

Well cry me a river. Sometimes, in Life, even if you are rich and famous, there are consequences.

If any of the rest of us who are not as rich and famous as Don Imus went into our boss's office and called them a "nappy headed ho", we'd be out of a job too. If you did that to a white male boss in certain states, he'd probably shoot you.

It would have been completely wrong for the government to censor Imus, but it was perfectly proper for his bosses to decide he was more trouble than he was worth. That's called capitalism. Hey, Life's a bitch when it bites you in the ass. It's not like he won't get another job- he'll be on satellite radio within a week for a six-figure salary.

Imus spent a number of years dishing it out- perhaps it's time for him to show he can take it as well, just like he expected all the targets of his abuse to take it, for all those years.

- - -

Speaking of being bit in the ass, Paul Wolfowitz has succeeded in making a hash out of his new job as President of the World Bank (gee, who saw that coming?), by giving his on-staff girlfriend a big promotion and raise that she didn't deserve. So when this comes out, what does the little rat-fink do?

He says "I'm sorry".

Uh huh. Back in The Day, when the President of a company who had spent his brief tenur there criticizing other people for being corrupt was caught with his own hand in the cookie jar, he'd do the decent thing and say "I resign". Today he just says "I'm sorry", and then gets all indignant when anybody still wants to discuss the issue.

- - -

According to a report I have now lost the link to, emergency rooms across the country are reporting far fewer tree-climbing injuries amongst kids than they reported a few decades ago. The reason? Kids no longer go outside. On the other hand, repetitive-stress injuries to kid's game-boy thumbs are skyrocketing. I find that incredibly frighening for the future of the country.

- - -

Dice-K Matsuzaka made his debut at Fenway Park this past Wednesday and got outpitched by Seattle Mariner phenom Felix Hernandez, who pitched a gem of a 1-hit shoutout. Dice-K pitched a decent game- giving up three runs these days will win many a game for a pitcher, but not when your own team scores a donut.

You know, as we got to the 7th inning and Dice-K had hit the showers, I actually felt myself hoping the Sox didn't get any hits. I've been a Sox fan since I was 8, but there is just something beautiful about a skillfully pitched no-hitter, especially against a powerful team like Our Sox. And if you're gonna get beat (as we obviously were) I'd rather get beat by a perfect performance.

- - -

When all is said and done, the most important thing that happened this week was that Kurt Vonnegut died. I will miss having him on the planet.


Phoebe Fay said...

Yeah, the whole Imus as victim thing, spare me.

I went years without ever thinking once about Don Imus. I'd be delighted to go the rest of my life never thinking about him again.

Colonel Colonel said...

Phoebe- live by the sword, die by the sword. He's like the arsonist who gets caught in a fire he set. Boo hoo.

Joey Polanski said...

My fondest thougts of Vonnegut are of his cameo in Rodney Dangrfields Back to School, in which he -- playin HIMSELF, remembr -- ghost-wrote Rodneys Lit papr ON VONNEGUT, earnin Rodney a failin grade!

Colonel Colonel said...

Joey- I didn't remember that one -we'll have to rent the movie again to see it.

jgodsey said...

i'm more concerned about Wolfowitz & co...beating the bushes looking for the leak. Seems to be that's the first instinct of the powers that be...instead of fix the problem it's get the snitch.

btw the tree climbing thing was in the daily mail

Colonel Colonel said...

Gods- Finding the leaker, instead of fixing the problem, is certainly their first thought. I don't think it's going to get Wolfowitz too far this time- apparently the entire staff of the World Bank loathes and resents him.