Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Our New Catalog-

Now that Thanksgiving is over the Book Elves are in full Christmas Mode, stringing lights, unpacking ornaments, and hiding my 'Alvin and the Chipmunks' cd. In fact, after they got done stringing about 300 strands of lights the little disk on our electric meter spun so fast it tore out of its bracket, went flying off through the air and decapitated the garden gnome.

But before they bought 900 life-size plastic Santas on Ebay and used them to recreate the Battle of Waterloo on the croquet court, they finished our latest catalog-

"RECENT ACQUISITIONS -Old & New Books on ANTIQUES & THE ARTS & Related Subjects for DECEMBER, 2006" is now available on our website. It features 220 titles on furniture, glass, ceramics, silver, interiors, metals, fashion, trades, color, and life in other times. We also have printed copies- please send us your mailing address if you would like one.


Anonymous said...

Where can I get me some of them "Book Elves"? I got a lot of things that need to be done and they sound like they might be handy little buggers.

Forrest Proper said...

Naw, you don't want any. They refuse to take instructions, steal your credit cards, drink the cooking sherry and never bathe.

No, wait. That's me.

Yeah, they're fine. I'll sell you some for $120/dozen, postpaid. I just poke some air holes in a tomato box and duct tape it up. When you get 'em, just pay me for the live ones.