Sunday, February 11, 2007

Suggestive Weather-

Alternate Title: "More Proof that God's a Dirty Old Man"

Actually, this photo, and a number of others of something called a 'mammatus' cloud formation, can be found on the website of Jorn Olsen, a photographer who took the pics a few years ago.

For some reason they reminded me that Anna Nichole Smith is dead.

I know everyone else is looking for pills and drugs and a dissipated lifestyle as the cause of her death, but hey, Keith Richards is still around, so it's probably not that. Here's what came to my mind- the woman had just lost 75 pounds in a very short time. Paint me red, white and blue, roll me in sesame seeds and call me a barber pole bagel, but I hafta think that losin' that much weight that fast can't be good for you, especially if you've done other things (pills, drugs, etc.) to compromise your system. I'm not casting asparagus at the fine folks who make whatever diet plan she was on, I'm just saying, sometimes a little medical supervision doesn't hurt.

But what do I know. Probably she was hit by a chunk of the Space Shuttle.


Joey Polanski said...

Prhaps she shouda got some suprvision from Keif Richards.

Colonel Colonel said...

Joey- Maybe, or she might just have ended up falling out of a palm tree. Or was that Mick Jagger? Or she might have gotten completely confused and ended up with Michael Richards.

Thanks for the nice words about 'Mutterings' on your blog, by the way!

catalyst said...

Maybe she was humped by a chihuahua.

Not that she was abnormal or anything.

I'm just sayin'.

Colonel Colonel said...

Catalyst- Could she have been killed by something she couldn't even pronounce (let alone spell)?

My bet is still on space diapers dropped from the Space Shuttle.

Mike said...

Sadly, judging from the news coverage, Anna Nicole is America's version of Princess Di.

I think one of her boobs blew up on re-entry.

Joey Polanski said...

Is there a Vegas line on how much longr her baby daughtrs got left t live?

Ohhhh ... THAT was REALLY WRONGski!

Colonel Colonel said...

Mike- Anna Nichole America's "Princess Di"?? My God, who's gonna tell Brit'ney?

And whose gonna pick up after her ego detonates?

Joey- now now now... there are 4 (at last count) fathers who view the kid as their own road to riches, plus their assorted lawyers. I'll be she's whisked off to an undisclosed location where she can drool all over Dik Cheney.

anaglyph said...

Maybe she overbalanced and fell down the stairs? It's pretty easy - I almost did it while carrying an armful of books once.

Not that I'm supposing there is any fear that it was books in her case.

Colonel Colonel said...

Reverend- that's perfectly possible, but if she'd fallen forwards wouldn't she have, um, bounced?

anaglyph said...

True. But I'm thinking of the physics involved in falling/bouncing on stairs and I'm not seeing a pretty outcome.

Colonel Colonel said...

Reverend- yes, you are probably right. However, you have just given me a new idea for an internet business, based on my new "Breast-Implant/Air-Bag" product (in development -testers needed).