Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Breaking News! Jesus, with Extra Cheese...

I don't want anyone saying you don't get the latest news here. You may have thought the latest news is that James Cameron claims to have found Jesus' tomb last week. Well phooey on James Cameron. Here's some real news-

from Metro.co.uk-

Devout churchgoers have begun worshipping a pizza pan - after claiming the Virgin Mary has appeared amid the melted cheese, tomato and pepperoni.

Dinner ladies at a school in Texas discovered what they took to be Mary's image on the base of a cooking tray. Sceptics may say it looks like little more than a random, formless stain.

But after fevered scrubbing failed to shift it, rumour spread of a divine apparation - and now pilgrims have been flocking to a makeshift shrine in the tray's honour.

School canteen worker Guadalupe Rodriguez, who first spotted the mark on Ash Wednesday, said: 'On the third rinse I started watching it, trying to discover what it was. 'It showed to me like it is the Virgin Mary.' Pupil Anel Villareal said: 'They said, "The Virgin is in the cafeteria" and I ran over there to see. 'My God, it was the Virgin. I cried when I see her with my own eyes.'

A shrine, with the tray at its centre, has now been set up outside the home of a parent teacher association member, but others are claiming they should have custody.


(2/26/07 - KTRK/HOUSTON) - There's a custody battle underway over a pizza pan that some says bears a vision of the Virgin Mary. The pan has attracted national attention, and brought in hundreds of faithful from around the area hoping to see a miracle. But the pan has returned to where it originated -- Pugh Elementary School in east Houston.

This was to be the day the cafeteria worker from Pugh Elementary was to be given the pan in question -- the one that she discovered with the image on it. That's what HISD had planned to do, but late Monday afternoon things changed a lot. Now the pan is back under lock and key at the school until a solution to a very sensitive issue can be worked out.

Since Ash Wednesday, a pan has been on display outside a Denver Harbor home. The school baking sheet is ordinary except for the image that some people say is the Virgin Mary. Behind the scenes, though, there was a tug of war. The cafeteria wanted the tray back and the PTA mothers wanted it left in the neighborhood. On Monday afternoon, HISD called.

PTA President Dora Otero said, "Taking it back to the school. They want it back to the school, so we're going to take it back to the school." And so they did -- marching through the street, women singing and carrying roses. They reluctantly delivered the tray to Pugh Elementary.

The tray, we're told, is being kept out of view in the school office. A local church is said to have been asked for guidance on where the pan belongs. For now, though, the tray is out of view and that bothers at least one parent.

"Then nobody sees it," worried parent Fabiola Salinas. "They already locked it up in the office and they were asking, 'Can we see it again?' They were told no. So that is my concern."

Technically the tray is HISD property. The school district would not appear on camera to discuss the sensitive situation.


catalyst said...

I hate to break the news but that picture looks like a part of the male anatomy that I just can't mention on this respectable blog.

Colonel Colonel said...

Catalyst- well, I guess you're on your way to H-E-double-toothpicks.

(actually I had the same first impression, but I Drano-d my brain and started thinking RIGHT. Now it looks like Donny Rumsfeld's liver to me.)

Mike said...

All this breaking news about people finding Jesus lately really has me worried. I mean I watch the news a lot and try to stay up to date and all, but I swear when people say they found Jesus I am confused.

I never knew he was lost.

Colonel Colonel said...

Mike- a wise observation, but I am afraid he is lost to some. Mostly to those who claim too vehemently to have found him... or at least claimed to have talked to him lately about what's wrong with other people.

jgodsey said...

if it's a public school - shouldn't the pan just get washed like any other?

Colonel Colonel said...


they tried,
Jesus denied.

I must be right- it rhymes.

anaglyph said...

I've had some pretty good pizzas in my time, but no matter what kind of mushrooms they were topped with I never got to see Jesus.

And now, looking at that pizza pan, completely sober, well, I still don't see Jesus.

Cheeses, maybe...

Colonel Colonel said...

Reverend- the thing is, down in Texas they mix their mushrooms with chili peppers. Makes for some interesting effects.