Tuesday, August 01, 2006

You think THIS is hot??

People yammering on about the heat today. Folks, please!

Back when I was a kid it was REALLY hot.

It was so hot one summer that the chickens all laid hard-boiled eggs and then just fried to finger-lickin'-good n'crispy right there in their nests.

It was so hot that we dunked our feet in red-hot coals to cool them off.

It was so hot that you could get sunburn from the light of the Full Moon.

It was so hot that summer that water turned to steam just coming out of the tap.

It was so hot that the Devil started sweating.

It was so hot that we were pulling baked potatos out of the ground.

It was so hot that our cat actually went to take a nap in the shade!

Yessir, that was hot, you betcha.

Why, it was ALMOST hotter than Audrey Tatou!!


catalyst said...

Speak of the Devil, it's apparently too hot for one of his demons. Or is he vacationing in Crawford?

Colonel Colonel said...

I know, he needs to get back to work.

I kicked him yesterday. I'd do it again, but he seemed to enjoy it a bit too much.