Monday, August 21, 2006


Last Friday Boston baseball fans were gearing up for what promised to be an entertaining, exciting weekend series, as the Yankees came into town for 5 games in 4 days.

This afternoon we are left sitting, dazed, in the smouldering wreckage of a season which imploded so fast, and in such dramatic fashion, that we are left barely knowing what to think.

Well- even though we got gutsy, professional performances from Wells and Schilling, Sox pitching sucks, that's one thing we think. And they'd better get some bats back into the lineup as well, bats that can fucking hit in the clutch, with runners on base. Bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, tie game, one out last night and we couldn't score?

All together now -PATHETIC!

Even Fay Wray is shocked out of her wits by this weekend's sweep.


Mike said...

Even though Detroit is having a reasonably good year this year, you just described the typical Tigers season for most of us Tiger fans.

Colonel Colonel said...

"Reasonably good" is the best record in the major leagues, 34 games above .500...


And congrats.

The thing about the Bosox has never been that they never win, but that they *should* win and never win. That's how they differ from the other perennial losers, the Cubs. The Cubs have (basically) always sucked. That's different from having a talented team that should win but finds new and exciting ways to BLOW IT every year.

Not that we're bitter. No no, not us.

Phoebe Fay said...

What is this bees-ball? I do not understand. But, I think it cannot be good for you.

Colonel Colonel said...

Beis-Bol? I dunno. It's some Japanese sport.