Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Running on Empty-

Hello Empty Page-
It’s been a week since we talked,
a long time to go
without soiling your surface,
a flashed-by week,
with too much Life going on
to actually sit down
and stop to think about it.

Hello Calendar-
Is it that time of year again, already?
December 21st,
The Shortest Day-
and each one,
each year,
is just a bit shorter.

Hello Holidays-
The pitter-patter scipper-scamper
of the days running up
to Christmas
and New Years
are even more rushed
to get out and be gone
than they were last year,
and last year
they were in one hell of a rush.

Hello Old Friend-
we didn’t exchange cards this year;
but it was a good run,
18 years I think it was,
without missing one?
I should take the one I bought for you,
and put it on your stone,
but there’s not enough postage in the world
to get it to you now.

Hello Morning-
The coffee is ready,
and the cat needs feeding
and there are a dozen tasks
to be completed
before lunchtime
and retrospection
and introspection
are commodities best left
for examination next week.

Did anyone buy eggnog?
I thought it was on the list-
I need to make a list-
I need to sit down,
and make a list,
or maybe
just talk for a moment
 to my empty page.

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