Monday, November 03, 2014

Poem a Day #1

I was not going to do the "Poem-a-Day" in November, but then my neurotic fear of being left out kicked in, so I'll try it (first poem below). What you are going to see will be rougher than normal, because I usually do lot of editing, which there won't be time for in this exercise. Here we go-

Morning is Broken

In the beginning,
there was morning.
And morning was only me
and the dark
and the quiet
and the cat,
who didn’t even want her breakfast
only a scritch.

And then the breaking light,
and the gurgling coffee maker,
and the dry dishes in the drainer
to be put away.
But they were silent
as they were stacked.
They didn’t break the stillness.

And then the radio,
and the news and
talking heads
and then the computer and
and calendar reminders
and New York Times
and Weather Underground
and Facebook
and the day comes
barreling in -

and I’m not quite ready.
and then the message
that you had died.

And I’m not quite ready.

and i retreat.

in the beginning,
there was morning.
and morning was only me.

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