Tuesday, April 08, 2008

It's Talk Stupid Day!!

Man, George Bush is such a great President, I wish he could serve for life!

I can't wait for Britney Spears new album!

Greed, schmeede- I don't see anything wrong with Major League Baseball stretching the season and playoffs out so long that the World Series could be snowed out.

Boy, that Ann Coulter is a FOX!!

What the world really, REALLY needs is a new Adam Sandler movie about golf.

Gee, things are going great in Iraq!

Flying is perfectly safe, and anyone who says the FAA is in the back pocket of the airlines is just a troublemaker.

The Rolling Stones still have IT!

I believe every single thing Dik Cheney tells me.

Tibet is historically part of China, and the Dalai Lama is a terrorist.

Artichokes are God's gift to mankind.

Microsoft knows what it's doing.

Like The Decider says, the US economy is in great shape!

Using the phrase "Kathy Lee Gifford's Nipples" will get you fewer hits than using the phrase "Martin Luther King".

- -

C'mon, everyone, it's FUN to Talk Stupid!!


Mrs. Chili said...

Wow. You've covered pretty much all of it - I can't think of anything else to add...

Colonel Colonel said...

Oh no, there has to be SOMETHING....

Mike said...

You can also get a lot of hits using phrases like "dog sex" or "sniffing my underwear."

If you want hits using phrases like "Martin Luther King," publish your blog from France or Canada or some other God-forsaken future colony.

This is America and we don't understand all that fancy talk.

Anonymous said...

Uh...what do you mean the Stones don't have it anymore? Heck...they got a movie about them out now.

Good to know that Kathy Lee has nipples.

AngryMan said...

You watch the fourth hour of the Today Show w/Kathie Lee, don't you?

Phoebe Fay said...

Boy, you must be desperate for blog posts. I mean come on, you ought to do more than just transcribe an hour of Fox News.

Utah Savage said...

All perky smart mouth blond broads with squeaky/screechy voices should go to fox and stay there, then I would never have to hear their voices or opinions for even a second as I'm tuning past looking for what might pass for real news, if only I could find it.

And yes, it must really be fun to talk stupid, because just about everyone's doing it. What's to become of us?

Saoirse said...
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Simply Curious said...

I haven't been here for a little bit, but I like the new header, even though I don't like cats very much.

And it's true. Kathy Lee Gifford's nipples will get you a shit load of hits. I did it on my last post and watched 'em flock. She has some famous, fuckin' nipples.

And sorry, but who is Ann Coulter?

Simply Curious said...

Please ignore the first comment I left. I didn't notice that I was signed in with my real email account and not my blogger account. Please keep my real name between us. It's happened a few times before, on accident, on different blogs, and I always smack myself in the forehead when I notice. I'm glad I noticed and deleted it right away.


Hungry Mother said...

I had something stupid to say, but then I saw TWO of SCG's lovely avatar.

Colonel Colonel said...

Mike: I don't keep close track of stats, and last week when I mentioned her nipples it was a joke, but then Sunday when the weekly stats came in, i got 10x my usual number of hits that day. This country is weird.

Sirdar: The Stones, well, we'll have to agree to disagree, maybe.

Angryman: Nope, too busy listening to rush.

Phoebe: The Fox Live Feed isn't doing it for you, eh?

Utah: Welcome! Yes, talking stupid is so much easier, because it leaves your brain free for other things.

SCG: Not to worry- the name & email didn't show up anywhere. As for Anne Coulter... where do I begin?

HungryMo: Want to take a shot at describing Acidic Annie Coulter for me?

Cissy Strutt said...

Paper cuts & lemon juice - what a delicious match.

Malach the Merciless said...

the New York Yankees are winners . .

anaglyph said...

I'm not worried about Bird Flu! I take vitamin C every day!