Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Random Musings for a Rainy Wednesday

-I don't even know what this new thing called You-Tube is, and it's already brought down several politicians and entertainment stars. Man, am I falling behind the curve...

-It's ironic and sad that, under lock, key and armed guard, Saddam Hussein is probably the safest person in Iraq at the moment.

-Newt Gingrich is living proof that the Irony Fairy isn't dead.

-Ditto for John Kerry for the Fantasy Fairy.

-Of course, the Irony Fairy is pulling double shifts in Turkey this week, as Turkish Muslims riot, demanding that the Pope admit their religion is peaceful.

-Speaking of Turkey, say what you want against Genetic Engineering, a turkey with four drumsticks woulld be a handy thing.

-The Patriots are going to the Super Bowl this year, and they'll be playing the Bears. That's gonna be a helluva game.

-2008 should be a great year for the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry.

-Jerry Jeff Walker is an under-appreciated singer.

-Sara Evans isn't.


Anonymous said...

Jerry Jeff Walker is an under-appreciated singer.

Not in my house, he isn't!

Anonymous said...

Jerry Jeff gets a lot of air play in my house too, but I agree that he is in general under-appreciated.

Sara Evans is fun to look at though...just turn down the sound.

The Irony Fairy and the Fantasy Fairy are both working double shifts these days.

Anonymous said...

I think the irony fairy should feel free to take a vacation any time now. It's exhausting just trying to keep up.

Colonel Colonel said...

catalyst- here in the East he's pretty scarce; maybe I just hang out in the wrong places.

mike- that's the ticket- turn the tv to mute when her video comes on CMT.

phoebe- I hear the Irony Fairy is recruiting apprentices and out of work Republican Congressional staffers are signing up in droves...