Thursday, November 16, 2006

Me! Me! Me!

Time for a rant, boys and girls. Our Society has gone completely overboard with its sense of entitlement and lack of sense of responsibility.

The latest examples were in yesterday's news and make instructive reading.

First, some assinine woman is suing one of the airlines for kicking her off an airplane because she refused to cover up when breastfeeding her infant (well, 22-month old). The airline allows breast-feeding, but asks pasengers to use a small blanket to, um, "cover". When the flight attendant gave the woman the blanket the woman informed her that she had a legal right to breast feed in public and would not use it.

That's two strikes right there- first, an airplane is not a "public" place, and secondly, passengers are not allowed to disobey reasonable instructions from flight crew. So, when she continued to refuse she got booted and is suing. She says she is being "discriminiated" against. Excuse me? The only possible scenario under which she could cry "discrimination" is if the airline had allowed all the other female passengers to whip their breasts out without blankets.

Now that would be a very popular airline.

The second story was on the radio. There is a popular new contraption in rural areas called an outdoor wood furnace. They burn wood pellets, and spew huge amounts of very bad smoke with lots of particulate matter. Some folks are using them to heat their houses these days, and they blanket their neighborhoods with dense smoke all day and night. As a result many towns are beginning to pass laws against them. This story concerned one neighborhood in a town where they are still legal, and all the medical problems a wood furnace there was causing the neighbors.

At the end of the story they interviewed the owners of the wood furnace, who were completely apologetic, but also completely perplexed. Why, they asked, were they being made out to be the villians? Why was everybody pointing a finger at them like it was all their fault?


Where do you go with that question?

Maybe I should ask Donald Rumsfeld...


Phoebe Fay said...

Yes, the all-boob, all-the-time airlines. Not such a bad idea. Or we could just insist that everybody fly naked. It would be much easier on the security, right?

Yup, that's it. Either you support flying nekkid, or you support the terrorists.

Hell, that baby was probably a terrorist in training. And we already know that boobs are weapons of mass destruction. Just ask Janet Jackson and the FCC.

Phoebe Fay said...

Actually, boobs are weapons of mass distraction.

Same difference sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Ummm..I am all for that all naked airline thing.

While I am a huge admirer of The Boob, I am willing to admit that when it is used for its intended function (and I would actually be willing to argue what its intended function might be in a court of law), I find it somewhat akin to peeing in the street. It becomes more of a bodily function and less of a functioning body.

As for those outdoor woodstove things, I have to admit that I wanted one for years. I read all about them and planned where I would put it and how I would be outside early in the morning stoking the fires and throwing another 6 foot log on the fire.

Then, I realized it was me I was talking about so I gave up on the whole idea.

I do love the smell of woodsmoke in the morning while watching my neighbor breast feed her baby.